Amargith aspires to be a modern day Vala. She has been walking this solitary path for 20+ years.

You could say her religion is Vanatru, her life philosophy Druidism and her craft Witchcraft, with a specialization in Seidhr. Some would also label this type of approach ‘Vanacelt’ in nature.

Amargith is originally from Belgium and started her journey as an eclectic hedge witch. She soon became fascinated by her Celtic and Germanic heritage and the way those tribes intermingled at her place of birth (See: the Belgae, whom she had read about in ‘De Bello Gallico’ by Julius Caesar during Latin class).

Sworn to Freyja, she was whisked away to Norway by her loving viking, where she now shares a wonderful home with her two kitties, her husband and the local landvættir.